ARCHITECTURE >>> House V par Studio Jakob Bader

House V par Studio Jakob Bader

House V est une très belle réalisation du studio Munichois Jakob Bader.
Une esthétique très contemporaine habillée de rouge vif et de métal.

Voici la description des architectes (version anglaise) :

« House V is a large house on a small plot for narrow money. It is very red outside and inside very raw. It is well insulated and with ground water heat pump and ventilation system economical to maintain. One comes from the south. The cars are not hidden in garages, but under the wide overhang presents a dry and shady. The projection is the great work. Among them are the home visits: the right of the main entrance and left a shortcut to the attic. The 16 meters long, extended residence is directed mainly to the North: The living room located in the north, it opens on three sides with floor to ceiling glass to the garden. One can recognize here the well-balanced ground plan of house V. Almost reminiscent of the venerable loftige living-dining-kitchen area of the organization of a basilica. The central kitchen is the high altar of our time. Directly above the living room, top floor, is the bedroom and adjoining a secluded sun terrace. The outer T-shaped house of V is also reflected in the interior again: The large rooms at the dock by two pages of densely packed core in the center of the building. The core holds the single flight of stairs, two bathrooms and two dressing rooms, the library and one to cellar continuous installation bay. In the basement is plenty of storage space and assembled in a separate room, modern building technology. The control of technology is a touch screen or via mobile iPhone and the Internet. »

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| 14 juillet 2010
  1. Par florentin |

    génial !! 🙂