Projet RedBall par Kurt Perschke + interview vidéo

Balle géante dans le monde entier

Le projet « RedBall » a été lancé il y a plus d’un an par l’artiste Kurt Perschke. Le but est de déplacer dans le monde entier cette balle rouge géante et de l’intégrer dans le paysage urbain ou naturel local. Le résultat donne une fantastique série de photos intégrant la balle rouge dans des endroits les plus originaux possibles.

Pour en savoir plus sur l’artiste, cliquez-ici
Photos @ Kurt Perschke


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| 12 janvier 2012
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    […]    Say HelloABOUTBookFilm Shorts DVDARTISTVIDEODRAWINGSPRESSCONTACTREDBALL CITIESUKABU DHABINORWICHTAIPEIGRAND RAPIDSTORONTOCHICAGOSCOTTSDALEPORTLANDSYDNEYBARCELONAST. LOUISABU DHABIRB ♥ Blogsrandomly linked and ♥’d by kurt on 01.10.12Leave a comment, You must be logged in to post a comment.RB on FacebookRB on Flickr.vimeoBadge{margin:10px 0px 10px 7px;padding:0;font:normal 11px verdana,sans-serif}.vimeoBadge img{border:0}.vimeoBadge a, .vimeoBadge a:link, .vimeoBadge a:visited, .vimeoBadge a:active{color:#3A75C4;text-decoration:none;cursor:pointer}.vimeoBadge a:hover{color:#0CF}.vimeoBadge #vimeo_badge_logo{margin-top:10px;width:57px;height:16px}.vimeoBadge .credit{font:normal 11px verdana,sans-serif}.vimeoBadge .clip{padding:0;float:left;margin:0 6px 6px 0;width:100px;line-height:0}.vimeoBadge .caption{font:normal 11px verdana,sans-serif;overflow:hidden;width:100px;height:30px}.vimeoBadge .clear{display:block;clear:both;visibility:hidden}RB Quotes'Every time a passerby says – 'You know, I know the perfect place to put it!' – RedBall has succeeded in creating a moment of imagination. This is the core of the Project's goal, not the object itself, but how in relation to a site and in the context of its temporary movements, the passerby can immediately take it on as an imaginative act.'Kurt Perschke, Artist'One of the best things about RedBall Project is that it's really very funny. The absurdity of this balloon-at-large makes you smile. It also brings, like all good sculpture, a compulsion to reach out and touch.'Matt Buchanan, The Sydney Magazine'The temporary has the potential to afford public participation in its making of during its life. So, RedBall lives in all its conceived or carried-out musings on lace, in all the impossible places it occupied but could not remain. Whereas for the Kapoor (sculpture in Millennium Park) great lengths were taken at great expense to achieve the near impossible, RedBall breathes because of its temporality. RedBall invokes impermanence in its constant mutability and migration.'Mary Jane Jacob 'Art Outside In, Inside Out', essay 'RedBall straddles the realms of formalist sculpture, street performance, ephemeral urban installation and hands-on art object, without ever deciding for any one terrain over the others – its presence in Barcelona was an unequivocal success.'Jeffrey Swartz, Barcelona Curator'RedBall's occupation of the spaces that are taken for granted briefly foregrounds the invisible backdrop of urban life. What used to be neglected space becomes a realm of possibilities.'Angela Melkisethian, Sculpture MagazinePost RSS | Comments RSS | SiteMap | Login | RedBall Project © 2001-2011 by Kurt Perschke. All images © Kurt Perschke […]

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    oui bof! c’est pas une idée lumineuse à mon sens