HI TECH >>> Radio solaire flexible

Designers: Wu Kun-chia, Wang Shih-ju, Chen Ming-daw & Liou Chang-ho

Une idée originale, une pochette par station de radio, le tout fonctionnant à l’énergie solaire. Le plus intéressant de ce produit c’est le fait de pouvoir se procurer un pack par ville, idéal quand on part en voyage et qu’on ne connaît pas les stations locales.

Flexio is this really awesome radio that’s solar powered and portable. I’m willing to overlook the “only one fixed FM channel” stand for the cute little paper packaging it comes in. I’m sure the dynamics of manufacturing this are going to be reasonable, because one can even use it for promotions and gifts…like ask someone to advertise on its package. The innovative factor comes from the flexible speaker & flexible solar cell. It’s designed to be used within the station-waves range, but could be modified to receive internet radio via WiFi or WiMax.

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